May 31, 2006

summer carbecues

The sun is shining so what could be better for a pleasant summer than a few carbecues? Well unless it's your car. Once again the french sink estates are going up in flames. No mention that most of them will be Muslim north africans. Just as there is no mention that the people that forced a couple into hiding for the terrible crime of marrying for love, rather than entering into a loveless marriage for duty are being persecuted by Muslims. Enough hints, but no actual mention. Either Islamic violence is now so understood it doesn't have to be explicitly mentioned, or the journalists and their organisation are afraid of the inevitable death threats that come from pointing out the inadequacies of Islam. Probably the later. Even the EU is bowing to them and has set forth plans to stop free speach on religious matters, a move triggered by the Islamic violence fermented by Imams in Demark over the Motoons.


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